Stuffed anchovies€ 10,00
Cod fritters€ 8,00
Shrimps and cannellini salad€ 12,00
Pumpkin, mushroom & gorgonzola Flan€ 10,00
Stuffed squid€ 13,00
Fassone tartare with burrata and anchovy sauce€ 15,00

First Courses

Ravioli with Ragù€ 12,00
Mandilli with Pesto€ 12,00
Clear crustacean noodles€ 12,00
Ravioli with porcini mushrooms in Mattelin sauce€ 13,00
Sea Pasta stuffed with beaten muscles sauce€ 13,50
Risotto with spices and artichokes€ 13,50

Main Courses

Fried catch of the day fish€ 18,00
Old Genoa Stockfish€ 15,00
Fish escalope with artichokes€ 18,00
Julienne of sepia on crushed potato€ 16,00
Grilled sea breat fillet with grilled vegetables€ 18,00
Sliced beef with rocket and Parmesan€ 16,00


Home Tiramisu€ 5,00
Cocoa softness with rum cream€ 5,00
Hazelnut pie with Marsala cream€ 5,00
Pineapple€ 4,00
Coffee Semifreddo with vanilla cream)€ 6,00
Mont Blanc€ 6,00